Why Risk the Safety of Your Family

Why Risk the Safety of Your Family

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Some accidents cannot be predicted and avoided but some injuries can be prevented. Isn't it a pity to risk your life over poor garage door repair and old mechanisms? It is obvious that a heavy and complicated system like your garage door requires frequent services, inspections and care. It is exposed daily to the fluctuations of the weather and it works several times a day and the parts demand repairs, replacements, lubrication and good service.Why Risk the Safety of Your Family

Take care of the heavy and dangerous parts

  •  It would be wise to dedicate some time to the parts, which may cause accidents. The garage door spring is at the top of that list since it works under a lot of pressure and it can cause terrible injuries if it snaps. The cables might be dangerous as well and they must be both inspected often according to the manual of the manufacturer. You should lubricate them regularly in accordance with the instructions and replace them before the date recommended.
  • Garage doors move multiple times a day but they are simply the servants of openers and sensors. You must take excellent care of both checking the openeroften and testing the effectiveness of the reverse system even more frequently. Their proper operation will determine the good performance of the door and your safety.
  • The tracks and rollers keep the door sliding properly and smoothly and that's why they must be cleaned often. Lubrication maintenance is very important for the smooth sliding of the rollers and the slightest distortion of the tracks must be fixed before it puts the door off.

Attention to the panel

Taking care of all garage door parts is extremely significant but you must never forget to clean and check the condition of the panel itself since it is the heaviest part of the entire system.

  •     Make sure you clean it well as often as possible.
  •     If you notice rust, you must scrub it off immediately to avoid expansion and erosion.
  •     Use a good quality powder coat to protect the material.
  •     Keep the children away, even if the door is well maintained and don't let them play with the remote controls.

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