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Get a glimpse of the following tips about garage door systems and make your life easier and safer. The following tips are related to garage doors. They are short and straight to the point

Use old garage door tracks

While planning your garage door replacement, our experts opine that you can reuse old garage door tracks. They don’t easily obtain damage and will most likely outlive garage door panels and other parts. You can save on your new garage door installation if you just use the one from an old garage door.

Always be mindful of your remote control use

Always make sure that you are only using your garage door’s remote when you can actually see the door close or open. This is to make sure that no accidents happen. Pressing the remote control’s buttons without seeing the garage door’s response is an unsafe habit and best avoided at all times.

Keep your fingers away from the door

If you want to keep all of your fingers, then by all means, never ever touch any part of the door section or the rollers and tracks while the door is moving. You should be constantly vigilant of what you're doing as the door moves up or down. If you have kids, also teach them the importance of staying away from the moving door.

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