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How do I know if my door opener has a safety feature?

First, you must ask about it from the garage door opener seller. The seller should know since it is something compulsory. Our experts suggest that you should never buy a door opener or let someone perform a garage door opener replacement for you without ascertaining this. Also, be sure to test if it works.

How can a door opener be attached when there’s no place for it on the ceiling?

If a garage door’s frame is too close to the ceiling, it’s not really necessary to cut into the structure of the garage or to modify the garage door itself. There’s an accessory called a low clearance garage door bracket kit that can be used for sectional garage doors to address clearance difficulties.

What parts of the garage door need to be lubricated?

Anything that is made from a material that is vulnerable to rust like metal should be lubricated on a regular basis. In fact, our technicians in Chino Hills recommend that these parts are considered: pulleys, brackets, panels, handles, hinges and springs. We also incorporate them in our garage door maintenance rounds.

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